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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

ahh have been settling on pretty well in my hostel.. 
as for my subjects time table is pretty pack. 
but oh well never once it's not packed. hahaha
I've been getting like so much cartoons and movies and series 
thanks to the contribution of many people hahaha
thanks Jenn, Swan , Sy and LEMON !
problem now is that  I never get to bring myself go watch it. hahaha.. 
yeah I know right
hahaha... hahahah 
such lazy ass..
I've download some music video of some random various artist and  for some reason watching it over and over and then I send to lemon and both of us watch and well we both have our own personal opinions both good and bad.. Have to say though we have similar opinion...
we like sexy girls dancing
we like pretty innocent girls
we fancy some of their dress
we cannot but to comment that some models are super old.
stare at the screen when an African american sings
and well the list goes on.. it's fun...
especially watching those people dance ballroom dance...
My 21st birthday  wasn't all that bad 
Had a couple of celebrations  
small closed one of course
since I never like fancy huge attention seeking ones
I window shopped
Talked till the cow comes home
Met friends whom it's been some time since I last met
Manage to chat on the phone with Sam
gotten like so much text streaming in 
and nice to know people still give me 2 fugs on social sites ahahaa...
Ive drank with friends and family( tipsy , but still can think straight and except I was tired and my legs were jell-O hahaha, somehow my friends manage to tell I can go at least few more shots..but my face was red lar)
I also learnt how to play some card game ( monopoly deal)
received a very special Doraemon Plushie  from SY.. Love it truck loads hahaha i love especially the bell..
Tasted my first shi sha.. hahaha... it wasn't that bad,... tasted like gum drop?
I was being an asshole , kept bugging my brother to give me one of his external which he use to keep games and stuff
and he end up getting me a christmas cum birthday gift , a sweet pink external =)
and I got a new expensive laptop bag , also a christmas cum birthday gift from my sister coz I got her a swarovski pair of earings.
I actually spoil my cooler and just in time , my friend Lemon got me this awesome fan from her workplace.. hahahahaha it's funny how she got it for me (don't ask) and now the fan is so strong it not only able to keep me cooling in this hot season it at the same time manage to cool my laptop effectively..
yesh I save money hahaha..Thanks a lot Lemon. =)
I also received a Doraemon mouse from my 2 housemate.. hehehe.. I love it a lot too.. it looked so sharp... haha
thanks Ally for the drinks, enjoyed them though I was crazily declining and after drinking laughing like nuts and flushed like heck till the bartender came ask me if I need lemon iced water or something hahaha...
then my beloved DQ suprised me with 2 little hammies... super tiny about 1inch? and the other one slightly bigger, where I took the liberty to name them both CoCoNut!  hahaha
I took them both back to Uni.
Because my hostel has like super strict rules. 
I kept just one and the other one is now under custody of KX? hahahaha
so yeah I separate them already one is at simpang and the other one is at Semarak XD hahahaha....
pictures below is Coco... I am yet to have pictures of Nut. hahaha...
have a nice day everyone... take care !


Friday, 31 December 2010

hee... just some random pictures...
hello all... hahaha...welli see it's been some time since I last update my blognothing much to updateexcept for the factI'm having fun?both being full - time lifeless ass and having fun with my few friends I hung out with? for results I'd have to say I've done pretty impressively . haahh...good job angelcontinue to strive harder. hahaaha...other than that nothing much... hahaha...will be leaving for Uni this Sunday with 2 other of my friendsso yeah , pray for our safety you take care and god bless you... 

Monday, 20 December 2010

 Didn't do much over the holiday as I prefer to just stay at home
and so
there isn't much to blog about
I spent my days eating and sleeping, online and a little community services
and well taking few pictures from here and there
so I manage to eat kobe imported beef 
wow-ish, if you're the ones who can eat beef.
you seriously must try this.
it's so yummy
you need to eat it to know what it taste like

Don't ask me why the toy is there..
my dad just place it there
and then my mom went ahead adding lotsa ornaments behind 
and a friend of mine commented
"why is oscar scooting around your plate? lmao"

A glass of wine is a must have...

and desserts of course...Famous Singapore Chocolate cream puffs.. 
look my plate is clean

Community service !!!
my brother is driving , roads were narrow. 

and then I decided to fat hao... yes, I'm self- absorb
be it in the car ...
my latest fb profile picture... heee

or ar home.... hahahaha                                                                      

 volunteered myself to help out in CCC-NKF outing to tanjung sepat...

it looked more like a shed to me than a lovers bridge... hahahaha

a picture of sand on the beach with holes around made by the tiny crabs...
my brother hates it

apparently I'm not LOH but LO... 

I don't know the display below seem lame... hahaha


this giraffe head was retard.. I had to hold it..
I don;t know why I went on doing that retard thing with 
Joshua and Aaron

Ling Zhi Mushroom...

and yeah thats about it...
I do have some other pictures from some other more interesting places
but will not be sharing it out
as I'll have to ask for permission and stuff

Anyway, christmas is just around the corner 
Can't wait...
Take care all..
Love you !

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

It's been a pretty emotional evening..
I have deleted like few hundred blog post
589 to be exact..
all that is left is just a few miserable blog post
and I mistakenly deleted a couple of my favourite ones..
Guess life have to move on...
I thank you all who took the time off in reading my blog.
it may be very significant to some
while others might be just another insignificant  post
where is filled with all sorts of rantings
I shall not elaborate much on the reason what makes me decide
to delete all the precious post away.
I have my own reason.
Everyone have been raving about
BB Cream
I finally got around to getting one tube of my own.
of which i was pretty reluctant but wanted to try it badly and so yeah
Skin food.
of which I don't really like how products were presented.
the sales assistant who was assisting me handed me an near empty tube of BB cream sample
I looked at her and opened the tube
with whatever strength that is left in me i tried to squeeze out the product but failed
I wasn't really pleased and handed it back to her asking for a new tube or she will have to extract out the product for me to try on. or else it'll be goodbye
and in the name of commission and sales She wrestled with the tube for a while and manage to squeeze out one miserable pea size liquid on the back of my hand
fine... I just make do with it.
not going to comment much.
but if you like it
go ahead using it still
as for me
I'd have to say the ´╗┐product did not suite me as well
they come in 2 shades
and the lady recommended me the one
in aloe Vera in shade no.2
which has a yellow undertone to it.
I'm pretty reluctant to accept her suggestions
as I am aware my skin ia neither fair nor dark
and using that i am like risking myself looking like some jointist patient walking in broad daylight
yes, it does have a scent to it.
many describe as fresh soap smell
to me it smelled like fabric detergent or fabric softener
clean smell more to it.
but it didn't really bother me much
anyway call me a sucker
I bought it still..
after using it
Id say i'm not a big fan of it
the colour just wont suite me well
even after it oxidised
my face and neck line looked ashy.
yes I have to add bronzer to my face to balance out the colour
have to say it gives me a very medium coverage
as the veins on my face is still very much visible
it felt a bit sticky but you can easily dust loose powder over it. but too much of that will make your face looked cakey hahaha
my subsequent attempt of using it looked slight better after I added with a bit of my liquid foundation
either way it wont suite me
definitely it wont suite my mom or sister for that matter
I'll see what I can do with it
else I think it's destined to sit there looking great...
there is this web site which helps you match which BB cream suite you most
all i can say it's trashed
it's either they are trash or my skin is being a pain.
I was walking and there is this guy who came and asked me to join their London new york thing
feeling self-conscious all of the sudden i looked at him and asked
his face changed instantly.
and quickly apologized and said he wanted to introduce their facial items to me.
tsk tsk tsk..
so that's my little update
have a pleasant evening
take care all.. Good Bye

Friday, 20 June 2008


I am on blog fast alright...
I just felt like blogging...
Things have been okay...
Kuha , was being such a sweet girl... help me in my subjects..
Kuha, my close friend...
Same age but ranked as my senior...
Thanks E.k for helping me today
I didn't thought I'll online actually...
I'm currently listening to some random songs...
Shall I say good news or what...
I'm was being given the title as
I thought so too...
I know some of you are laughing till your teeth are about to drop off
But hey, that was really a nice compliment alright...
Of course I have to "kontrol gaya" la when they said that in
Persatuan Pra-U...
and insists that all the rest are at par...
Malaysia's best debater's brother's blog who is 15 years of age
is just as good as his brother...
He blog so maturely...
Keep it Up...
I kept saying the word OMG...
It's pissing my sister off this very second...
She is sitting on the bed behind me...
Extracting out certain bible verse...
She told me there is a lot and that she don't know how to do...
I threw a piece of paper and pen and said
"here, there are some paper and pens, so make yourself useful and productive..."
Believe it or not, she is laughing now....
She Laughed even harder when she saw a post-it note on the PC my brother is using
which reads ...
Believe it or not... I'm the type of people whereby...
I believe rules are meant to be broken...
Yup, I touched it...
click on the thing to see what it is...
And walked of la after that....
In case anything happen... hahahaha
P/s: Thanks Sam, E.k and Kev.... Owe you kopi...
-Angeline -

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Playing With Boys

Good morning bloggie !, Gosh I'm freezing like mad now. lol.... So about the book as i have promise... Well okay...

So it's about this 3 ladies who went to LA in search for success, fame, love and meaning to life.Basically it's about lifes of cuban, hispanic and american- maxican.The author did a great job

Anyhow, It started off with this girl named Alexis who is a daughter to this really great singer in Maxico. Apparently she didn't know her father is so rich not till she was 16 when her mother broke the news. She apparently was the aftermath of her momma and papi for having a one night stand. haha...Her rich maxican father did not deny her. In fact gave almost about everything which she needed like a real good posh apartment and a Cadillac to kick start her career . His real daughter somehow died . So she was working for this company named Tower Entertainment and was managing a group of Spanish singer band named Chimps... So on one Charity evening one of the band members actually went over to touch one of the waitress's butt ..Alexis attitude is somewhat lil miss manners, works very hard and straight forward and honest. She always have this weight thing constantly pull her down and under. Besides that she is perfectly great.

That was how Alexis met Marchella. Turned out Marchella actually stop acting in Novellas because she believes there is more to life than this. The had actually fired 3 manager in withing a period of a year. Alexis decided to take up the challenge in becoming her manager. Marchella before meeting Alexis had done a boob job. Her ex-boyfriend hated her so much for dumping him that he actually sold Marchella's nude taken on a Nude Beach.... Marchella was then taken as sex symbol... Everywhere she go people would stare and like what she exclaimed they would talk to her tits instead of talking to her.... Marchella's life totally change when she appeared on her first American tv show named Bod Squad. Marchella is the total opposite of Alexis. She is loud, carefree, not bother what people talk about her, she believes in herself and most impressive is that she loves to read and could remember quotes from various books. She also love to swear.... She knows exactly how to attract a guy to her.

At the same event Alexis also met Olivia, who is the wife of a assistant lecturer in one of the Universities in the US.... UCLA to be exact...Olivia is a 5 foot tall lady, whose world is all about little Jack (her son) and since given birth her world is all about her son... She hardly had time for herself. But due to the strong drive of wanting to becoming a TRUE SCREEN WRITER, she takes all the opportunity to work on it. The title of the Script is Soledad.... She is a Maxican... from El Savaraldo... Soledad is the name of her mother. The whole story is about how stron her mother have been after her fathers death.... Oh and besides that whole story is about her remembering back how she saw her father die before her very eye and how his head got blown and all....

Alexis somehow find her screen play very interesting. She also promised Olivia that she will try her best to make it in to a movie ...Olivia, was happy and tried her best to complete the whole thing. Just that one problem is occurring... Olivia is suffering from PTSD and that it had altogether disrupted her family and things like that...

At the same time , Alexis suddenly lost her job because the company she was working in was doing some drug trafficking and soon she decided to start her own business adding Marchella as the co-owner. That's because Marchella had actually use the tape which she had been keeping (her uncle took a video of her and watch and start beating away ) to get money to start the new company and also for the Film titles Soledad which she was dying to to star in.

To cut long story short... Finally they manage to make Soledad in to a movie and Olivia left her husband and she manage to gain child custody over Jack.Her relationship with her momma was so good. Olivia did not want to get tied down with another marriage and decided to cohabit with Chan (a chinese -mexican) who has a daughter and they have a child of their own too, Marchella was the starring for Soledad , all together manage to shift peoples view towards her to another point where she is now a Survival girl and she was so famous that you can see her picture everywhere she aldo manage to find her true love... Goyo's friend also used to be a singer. One major weirdo..but they fit perfectly... Alexis also found her true love... Thanks to Vladir Goyo who asked her to wait... She married him anyway.. . Her dream of becoming a mother finally came true. Goyo was more than happy for her.

So yeah, thats it, If I were to type the whole thing out it would take years. Coz it took me 10 days fo finish the whole book. It's thick you know... But it's worth it... Go buy the book... Read ...


Tuesday, 27 May 2008

I'm Gonna Puke

Damn Jing Chew showed me the last picture of our friend who died instantly in an accident. Ma de ah... Teruk la..Blood everywhere and his neck was broken.. I didn't want to see but he sent it to me... haih... Rest In Peace bah...


Sunday, 4 May 2008

Drinking Malta.

Yeah i'm currently drinking Malta to replenish that freaking B Complex which I'm supposedly lacking on. Damn my speaking examination is on Tuesday and it's only this 2days the freaking ulcer appear. Lucky it's a tiny winy one. I originally already have 2 miny ones . then on friday I saw them joining together. Then today, I went to school as usual and was feeling hungry. So I ate lots of stuff and just as I was about to start eating my "nasi lemak" before class begins I suddenly bite the part where the ulcer was. It was bleeding and I was in pain.Anna knew I was in pain and yet kept bugging me. So yeah, I blew it at her and that kept her shut-up for some time.Leah and Ain asked me to flip over my lips to let them see the condition. As expected it was bad. I am worried that should my ulcer not get cured by Tuesday. I'll have difficulties in my speaking task because it require accuracy in language ,grammer ,points and grammer.

Exam, well who said I'm not worried and kept spending my time on Blogger. I'm worried okay. So much so I could pee in my pants. My friends from Nilai International College are also taking MUET. So yeah, the competition is damn high. But I'll try my best. ...So my mother decided to come with me to KL to get herself some "yuk choi" (herbal stuffs)... So she drove me to Serdang. and we took the train to KL coz we don't want to get caught on congested road.Link 2 in Serdang station is officially open. AT LAST after like 5 years. Well basically I knew it was about 5 years because my uncle stays somewhere there, and yeah we the cheapskate-ians would walk over to KTM station using that road or to get to the other side of town.Anyhow, opening of Link 2 seriously cut Short our time by about 15 minutes. Plus it uses a touch screen. We got our tickets just on time when the train arrive. Since there was no one guarding that Link 2 ticketing counter and the machine to slot in our ticket got jammed. I took the liberty to open the gate and just walk in with my ticket on hand la .

People can be so inconsiderate. They often think KTM is theirs. or should I say they think they had paid for their tickets and thus could sit on 2 seats. one seat for their butt and the other for their bags. Well thats what happened today. Serdang station was jamm pack. When we got in to the train everyone was pushing and there is this malay man who inconsiderably know that people needs a seat desperately slept without leaving the seat next to him vacant. My mother was freaking exhausted from all the walking . So I decided to ask that malay man to remove his bags from the seat. Did you know he had the cheek to ignore me! and act as though he was in his cycle ram or some sort. Only God knows. Like what you guys have expected. I decided that should he not wake up again I shall remove his bag and let my mother sit, and finally when I was about to explode he "woke up".... People can be so inconsiderate. I know the rest of the passenger were looking at me. But I don't really give a damn. I'm exercising my rights.

Reached Sentral, took the LRT and my mom and move to our respective way. By 2:10pm class ended and I went over to Popular Bookshop to wait for my mom. She told me she was still in chun yip. So I stayed in there looking through some books and decided that I should get myself that M.K Gandhi book. Well nothing much just what to know "him" better. It cost 10 bucks after discount it cost about 9 bucks. It's more than a bargain alright.hahaha... I'm a also purchased some pens, Konon la going examination. hahahahah... Pens nowadays are expensive. I bought 4 pens and a protector it cost me Rm7.50 . Can you imagine ... It's either our money are turning Banana ,standard of living is getting higher or things are just plain expensive.

Round 2.30pm. My mother came to meet me in the Bookshop. I knew my mom would buy flours since she stop by the bakery and she did alright. well despite her carrying her shopping bag .flours are heavy and since she was old I insisted she place 4 kg in to my bag and another 2 kg I took by hand. It was freaking heavy but it was okay till we have to climb stairs. wow the sensation was even worst than me on treadmill incline 8%. KNS ! We decided to walk to our Malaysia oldest KL station. It suddenly rained and there was no umbrella. Since the light jacket have a Hood I gave my mom my file. hahahaha.... Went to the station. Climbed a flight of stairs.Only to know KTM ticketing counter was closed and everyone was in a long que. Foreign workers are just wasting us locals time. They just don't get it when the machine says "syilling sahaja". When people go tell them they refuses to listen and kept "tui" the note inside the slot.They caused me to miss about 3 trains. then I missed the fourth one. Because the foreign worker in front of me was also another ding dong. My mom told him it's only for coins and he ignored her. I got so pissed. I sighted out loud.

I didn't know my friend was also there in que. He laugh looking at my reaction. I gave him and his friend a stare and he shut up. Shortly after came to ask me to relax.Yes, I am short-tempered.When I want things to be done. I want it instantly. Or else I'll make noise till you get it done. With this attitude. Some are pissed at me. But it's also with this attitude it took me a long way. Whatever. I finally got my tickets, by 3:00pm. That's about the same timing the freaking counter opened. I seriously want to issue out profanities on top of my lungs. KTMB if you are reading this. Please do something.Reached serdang station about 3:30pm and by the time I reach Negeri Sembilan it was about 4:10pm. Had KFC. By 5pm I got home. Chilled and by 5:30pm my initial intention was to get a short nap.but ended up me waking at 10pm.So much for a nap huh...But I cannot help it. Must the the heavy flours that make me "work out".

Came down ate my dinner and went to visit some kittens outside. Then came in and watched Dr. House. Lol... I'm not a big fan of it. But I'll say it's entertaining. Looking at his face mimic and how he deliver the script line by line and some unknown terminal disease makes it look extra funny for some reason. Then I flip through channel by channel and stopped at HBO or was it Star Movies? Anyhow and watch some random movie titled Stomp The Yard. My brother once told me it was interesting. Well okay la....Not too bad. I heard there is this Stomp The Yard 2 is it?
I'm running low on Shampoo... My brother kept curi my shampoo... I'll have to go purchase a new bottle. This time is Loreal's turn. For those who don't know. I have a tendency to change my body shampoo and shampoo every 2 months or so.Just to keep a balance in between.

Talking about shampoo.Yesterday some bubbles went in to my eye. It was so painful that I do not know what to do but to run to the sink to rinse it. I could not rinse it with the shower head I had in my hands. I was taking hot shower. I'll burn it cook should I do it.hahaha...Even when I rinsed it with just plain pipe water. The pain was so so "teruk" I felt like slapping or straggling someone. Once out of the shower. Blood shots could be seen and my eye swell. To top it all up. it somewhat had this blue black thing suddenly appearing at the side of my eye. Then today was much much better. Still visible but better than yesterday.I applied foundation,blusher and lip gloss to tuition. Just to cover my flaw. haha... I looked perfect after that. It was like WOW !...hahaha

At first I felt like skipping church. But something told me to go. So I'm going. Besides Tuesday is only Speaking and not much can be done. I dreamt about my Speaking exam. Well nope, nothing like what I have expected. Don't even think it'll come true. The topic was about the usage of cosmetics among teens.So tak ada kaitan right...



Thursday, 24 April 2008

Best Friends Forever...

As I scrolled all the way down to my web page I found this lovely picture....

I suddenly realise how time flies. That picture was taken when I was in form 5 about 2 years ago. We now have grown in to a lady. beautiful and matured. Most importantly we'll be soon -to-be-girlfriends-to-some-lucky-fella-and-soon-to-be-moms. hahahahaha... Why matured? Well our topic nowadays is mostly on college (for her) and school (for me), what clothes we like, how we enjoyed some mobile games we recently got addicted to and most of all is the way we dress. We dress so decently . Just like a lady,and we HAVE more CASH to SPEND and a drivers license !.... hahahaha...

Geez I'm getting super old ready . What am I suppose to do ? Hahahaha... I could do nothing , just go with the flow and learn how to appreciate things.

I do not know why. But somehow I could tell all you people out there that. Among all my other girl friends. Alyssa is one girl that somehow never fails to be my comforter when I'm down, Never failed to spare me a mattress on the floor to bunk over at her house (though I gave you my bed), and most of all she is one girl that I often go wacko with. Though at times I can go out of hand but it's okay. We're cool...I'm not saying the rest are bad people okay...

We do have the usual occasional arguments. But somehow, the bonding of friendship is so strong that we reconcile in a nick of time...

This is how we look now.... Old !....would like to dedicate the song titled I'll Be There on my playlist to Alyssa... Friends Forever...

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Careless Whisper

I sang this song today... I love this song to BITS.

I feel so unsure
as I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor
as the music dies,
something in your eyes
calls to mind the silver screen
and all its sad good-byes

I'm never gonna dance again
guilty feet have got no rhythm
though it's easy to pretend
I know you're not a fool

Should've known better than to cheat a friend
and waste the chance that I've been given
so I'm never gonna dance again
the way I danced with you

Time can never mend
the careless whispers of a good friend
to the heart and mindignorance is kind
there's no comfort in the truth
pain is all you'll find

I'm never gonna dance again
guilty feet have got no rhythm
though it's easy to pretend
I know you're not a fool

Should've known better than to cheat a friend
and waste this chance that I've been given
so I'm never gonna dance again
the way I danced with you

Never without your love

Tonight the music seems so loud
I wish that we could lose this crowd
Maybe it's better this way
We'd hurt each other with the things we'd want to say

We could have been so good together
We could have lived this dance forever
But noone's gonna dance with me
Please stay

And I'm never gonna dance again
guilty feet have got no rhythm
though it's easy to pretend
I know you're not a fool

Should've known better than to cheat a friend
and waste the chance that I've been given
so I'm never gonna dance again
the way I danced with you

(Now that you're gone)
Now that you're gone
(Now that you're gone)
What I did's so wrong
that you had to leave me alone