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Monday, 3 March 2008

Rehabilitated ?.... NOT !

Sucky camp ! All I enjoy is the obstacle course, Beautiful scenery, Some random waterfall and stream and most of all the orang asli kampung. Other than that it suck Bad. Don't Think they manage to help us to becoming a better leader. Well at least it manage to rehabilitate me from being addicted to my phone and PC . That's not too bad isn't it? Hahaha

Warning : Long Post a Head. Anyhow, Here goes...

Friday, February 29th 2008.

I went to school as usual . After school I went home and did some last minute packing . Then after a short rest I headed back to school at 2:15 and then waited for the rest of the student and teachers. They are so "punctual ".... Like I always said. We Malaysian need to give them 30 minutes lee way beforehand . Typical Malaysian.At 3pm We got in to our respective bus and then off we went.

All of us have no idea where we were going. I tried to look out for land marks and road. Then I realise I was heading towards Hulu Langat after crossing the Batu 9 toll. What a retard ! We can go to Hulu Langat straight through Semenyih la DENG ! and it saves more time rather than you taking the North-South Highway, Then federal Highway, then Connought Highway, Then the highway leading towards Phoenix Plaza then Batu 9 then only go Hulu Langat.

One word to describe that place. KAMPUNG ! BUT the scenery was breath taking ! It was nice. Well to some they might say it's nothing but as a human which embraces mother nature a lot I really like the scenery very much. It's so picturesque. The deeper in to the forest we went the more trees I saw and wooden houses (pondok). The stream was so clean and clear you can even drink it ! (haha was exaggerating, I believe it's now being contaminated by those bengong's that pee in there .)... I had this mixed feeling about that camp site. I was excited to know what's next but same time I was worried I might not SURVIVE! (as in fall sick and all)

Reached the camp site and that place was erm so so only lar...Then sorted in to our dorm. Since I'm afraid of the dark I slept in the middle of the dorm on the upper deck of the bunker's bed with my head facing the toilet where I'll get the ultimate lights which I want. Sarah slept behind me , Chin slept below sarah and a junior slept below me.After we settled down on our bed issue. We were asked to go have tea then straight after that a short briefing from the camp committee. It was time for Zohor after they finish all the crap rules they set.. So all the Muslims were asked to head down to "surau" and prayed for an hour. while those on "bleeding" mode and the 2 non-muslims were asked to sit in the surau . Guess what, I was appointed with a great task which is to be the "period counter". What's that? Well it's an appointed person to count the number of people on Menses and non muslim. So much for a great TASK !

Then on our first motivation session. some motivator asked us to draw our group logo and all that.He then randomly snatch my group's flag and want us to beg like dogs to get back our flag.Yes , I was in that unfortunate group. I was practically quiet and was figuring out what on the bloody heck earth they want me to do. A lady facilitator came and ask me to represent the group to beg since most of them started to cry and my leader was crying too. So yeah I went forward and begged like a dog. He asked me to take the mic and face all the students and say what I want to say.I did what he wanted. He even threaten to place me and some other girls up the forest to camp alone with a distance of 50 meter away from each other. I basically wasn't afraid.Perhaps I was pissed at that time.They won't do that. It's huge responsible you know. Since the girls didn't want He shouted at my face and ask me to bring my group to the back to discuss about it.

I went to the back and all was like " KAKAK MACAM MANA NI?" , "KAKAK SAYA TAKUT" , "KAKAK BLA BLA BLA." .... I was in a dilemma and same time on semi-pissed mode. asked them to stop crying and their cries got louder and louder. Infront of everyone I shouted " BOLEH TAK ALL OF YOU SHUT UP AND THINK OF SOMETHING? CRYING WON'T GET YOU ANYWHERE. THOSE PEOPLE TAK AKAN SYMPATHISE YOU AWAK FAHAM TAK?"...People in the hall all kept quiet and then the girls stop crying . Then I decided to go and ask help from the guys. and true enough he came and help us beg. Then they say only way is that guy give up his position as a chairman of PRS.It suddenly strike me on the cliche thing of threatening students that he will be sent home and no longer will be the chairman and bla bla bla... True enough that was what happened. Somehow we got back out burnt group Flag. Retarded.

Then another session was telling us how bad are we for not "appreaciating our parents" . Asked us to visualise our parents dying and with the "kain kapan" around then and then they in some stupid coffin and the picture of dead people on the power point.

It was raining cats and dogs and the malay students thinks it's fun to play in the rain and opt to go night jungle tracking that very night . So off we went, and I didn't mind that much about entering the jungle, because all of us are doing it and for some reason I had this peace in my heart. We came to a stream and had to cross it. The height came up to my chest. It was cold ! and I was freezing like a bear without its coat of fur. As expected the roads were slippery and and rocky and Branch (branches everywhere) and muddy. I went up and tried my very best to climb and touch dirt and mud. On our way up some students leg was caught between some rocks . But that was from the other team so we proceeded. We were almost up the peak when we realize the rest of the 95 students went back to the camp site. So we had no choice but to go all the way back down. Did you know going up is easier than coming back down through the same route?

Came to a point and the mud was so slippery that i have to slide down. at the end of it was a curve and if you miss that curve you will fall in to some place.That was where I bump my ass on some tree stump.My friend behind me aka the leader was making noise saying she had leg cramps and all that jazz...When we reached the camp site we were prohibited from taking shower. So I slept at 3am.

Saturday , February 1st 2008

It rained cats and dogs again. So we had our exercise in the hall. and went to have our breakfast and then some random motivation session where they tell us about a story of a girl who got raped and asked us to debate who is wrong and who is right. Then after that we had our lunch and it was raining crap still but we were forced to proceed to some jungle challenge in the rain. My clothes were wet like mad. Yet I choose to ignore the fact that i was cold, having muscle pain and wet whole body. So did all the challenge and went from one check point to another. Then had to go through all the shit problem that the facilitator gave us. My group often got picked on. They say they did it in purpose because i was there and my speech to them in public was "hard" I think they meant harsh.

Then in one check point we were asked to drink some drink it was mixed cucumber, belacan, watermelon, asam, bread, carrot, tomatoes and petai i guess. It sucked like mad. I refuses to drink but they say they will make my leader drink even more if i don't drink. Since my leader is a worm I have to drink . She puked shortly after we finished the drink. I thought I was a worm she is even worst. hahaha.... Then was asked to ear onion and some tuna,belacan,paku pakis ,cili padi and some unknown stuff blended and spreads on a bread challenge.

Then was the obstacle course challenge. In this I'm proud to announce that I MANAGE to do all the crap they gave me. It's my first time doing it .I was asked to roll on the mid. Swim under some eeky pond, walk down a steep hill, then climb up some nets, then swim under some random pond again , then climb over a meter or so tall wall.

On this wall climbing challenge I had actually solely allowed 5 plus size to climb up the wall on my leg while the rest pushed her up. 5 you know not one. Imagine la , I'm 42 kg letting a 3-4 times heavier than me "punya" girls stepping on me. As for me I had to run from far and jump up the wall then yank my self over the other side. My hands and legs got bruised ! Not only me though the rest also same but we weren't given plaster ! Stupid humans.

Then it was dinner . And then an hour long of Zohor then we had another session of "motivation" ... one stupid absurd one. They told us what will we be doing if we are dying in a sinking ship and not able to go see their our parents. The only way is to beg our facilitator to allow us to get on the damn "sampan". See BEGGING again. This time with TEARS. I have no choice but to quickly think of emo stuffs and get my tear glen producing tears . IN A LARGE AMOUNT !.... Proud to tell you I manage to cry my heart out.

But thats not all that. To beg them I need to tell my facilitator a reason why they should let me go home to "see" my parents. I again came up with a smart 2 minutes bullshit ! I ended up telling him a very stupid yet logical bullshit. Thanks to my many years of drama watching series I told him this .(in tears and excessive mucus flowing down my nose and my eyes as pathetic as ever )


Somehow, he bought my story and thinks I'm some filthy rich girl. STUPID !.Then the motivator told us the ship is sinking and those with the most straw given by friends will be allowed to sit on the ship while the rest will die. Well I only got one straw .So I died. Those who got 1-5 straw all had to lie down in the middle of the small hall symbolise we are dead.then those survive were being called SELFISH JERKS ! Then they show us videos of Satan, a mother giving birth and hell and heaven and pictures of dead people in a coffin and about a story of dead people and bla bla bla...

By 1pm we were allowed to sleep.At 2 am my stomach was feeling really pain.I went to the toilet . Constipated for 30 minutes. Nothing came out . Then I went back to my bed and try to sleep. At 3:30am The pain got worst and I have to race myself to the manual operated toilet.Force the SHIT ! to pop out one by one. Then for no apparent reason liquid like shit came flowing . Manually operated toilet meaning one without flush and the only way to clean it is to take a scoop . fill it with water then pour it in that hole. Imagine I went in more than 4 times and each time about 20 times or more i repeated the same action to flush the SHIT away..... Then by 4 so many girls were having diarrhoea . We actually argued with each other on who suppose to go first...

I was so looking forward to go home... Then they have another islamic motivation. By 1pm we left that mind pissing bad memories place.... Reached home about 4pm. Shower and all.... By 5 i slept all the way till today monday at 9am i woke up. My whole body was aching like heck .....