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Saturday, 7 June 2008

Playing With Boys

Good morning bloggie !, Gosh I'm freezing like mad now. lol.... So about the book as i have promise... Well okay...

So it's about this 3 ladies who went to LA in search for success, fame, love and meaning to life.Basically it's about lifes of cuban, hispanic and american- maxican.The author did a great job

Anyhow, It started off with this girl named Alexis who is a daughter to this really great singer in Maxico. Apparently she didn't know her father is so rich not till she was 16 when her mother broke the news. She apparently was the aftermath of her momma and papi for having a one night stand. haha...Her rich maxican father did not deny her. In fact gave almost about everything which she needed like a real good posh apartment and a Cadillac to kick start her career . His real daughter somehow died . So she was working for this company named Tower Entertainment and was managing a group of Spanish singer band named Chimps... So on one Charity evening one of the band members actually went over to touch one of the waitress's butt ..Alexis attitude is somewhat lil miss manners, works very hard and straight forward and honest. She always have this weight thing constantly pull her down and under. Besides that she is perfectly great.

That was how Alexis met Marchella. Turned out Marchella actually stop acting in Novellas because she believes there is more to life than this. The had actually fired 3 manager in withing a period of a year. Alexis decided to take up the challenge in becoming her manager. Marchella before meeting Alexis had done a boob job. Her ex-boyfriend hated her so much for dumping him that he actually sold Marchella's nude taken on a Nude Beach.... Marchella was then taken as sex symbol... Everywhere she go people would stare and like what she exclaimed they would talk to her tits instead of talking to her.... Marchella's life totally change when she appeared on her first American tv show named Bod Squad. Marchella is the total opposite of Alexis. She is loud, carefree, not bother what people talk about her, she believes in herself and most impressive is that she loves to read and could remember quotes from various books. She also love to swear.... She knows exactly how to attract a guy to her.

At the same event Alexis also met Olivia, who is the wife of a assistant lecturer in one of the Universities in the US.... UCLA to be exact...Olivia is a 5 foot tall lady, whose world is all about little Jack (her son) and since given birth her world is all about her son... She hardly had time for herself. But due to the strong drive of wanting to becoming a TRUE SCREEN WRITER, she takes all the opportunity to work on it. The title of the Script is Soledad.... She is a Maxican... from El Savaraldo... Soledad is the name of her mother. The whole story is about how stron her mother have been after her fathers death.... Oh and besides that whole story is about her remembering back how she saw her father die before her very eye and how his head got blown and all....

Alexis somehow find her screen play very interesting. She also promised Olivia that she will try her best to make it in to a movie ...Olivia, was happy and tried her best to complete the whole thing. Just that one problem is occurring... Olivia is suffering from PTSD and that it had altogether disrupted her family and things like that...

At the same time , Alexis suddenly lost her job because the company she was working in was doing some drug trafficking and soon she decided to start her own business adding Marchella as the co-owner. That's because Marchella had actually use the tape which she had been keeping (her uncle took a video of her and watch and start beating away ) to get money to start the new company and also for the Film titles Soledad which she was dying to to star in.

To cut long story short... Finally they manage to make Soledad in to a movie and Olivia left her husband and she manage to gain child custody over Jack.Her relationship with her momma was so good. Olivia did not want to get tied down with another marriage and decided to cohabit with Chan (a chinese -mexican) who has a daughter and they have a child of their own too, Marchella was the starring for Soledad , all together manage to shift peoples view towards her to another point where she is now a Survival girl and she was so famous that you can see her picture everywhere she aldo manage to find her true love... Goyo's friend also used to be a singer. One major weirdo..but they fit perfectly... Alexis also found her true love... Thanks to Vladir Goyo who asked her to wait... She married him anyway.. . Her dream of becoming a mother finally came true. Goyo was more than happy for her.

So yeah, thats it, If I were to type the whole thing out it would take years. Coz it took me 10 days fo finish the whole book. It's thick you know... But it's worth it... Go buy the book... Read ...



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