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Friday, 31 December 2010

hee... just some random pictures...
hello all... hahaha...welli see it's been some time since I last update my blognothing much to updateexcept for the factI'm having fun?both being full - time lifeless ass and having fun with my few friends I hung out with? for results I'd have to say I've done pretty impressively . haahh...good job angelcontinue to strive harder. hahaaha...other than that nothing much... hahaha...will be leaving for Uni this Sunday with 2 other of my friendsso yeah , pray for our safety you take care and god bless you... 

Monday, 20 December 2010

 Didn't do much over the holiday as I prefer to just stay at home
and so
there isn't much to blog about
I spent my days eating and sleeping, online and a little community services
and well taking few pictures from here and there
so I manage to eat kobe imported beef 
wow-ish, if you're the ones who can eat beef.
you seriously must try this.
it's so yummy
you need to eat it to know what it taste like

Don't ask me why the toy is there..
my dad just place it there
and then my mom went ahead adding lotsa ornaments behind 
and a friend of mine commented
"why is oscar scooting around your plate? lmao"

A glass of wine is a must have...

and desserts of course...Famous Singapore Chocolate cream puffs.. 
look my plate is clean

Community service !!!
my brother is driving , roads were narrow. 

and then I decided to fat hao... yes, I'm self- absorb
be it in the car ...
my latest fb profile picture... heee

or ar home.... hahahaha                                                                      

 volunteered myself to help out in CCC-NKF outing to tanjung sepat...

it looked more like a shed to me than a lovers bridge... hahahaha

a picture of sand on the beach with holes around made by the tiny crabs...
my brother hates it

apparently I'm not LOH but LO... 

I don't know the display below seem lame... hahaha


this giraffe head was retard.. I had to hold it..
I don;t know why I went on doing that retard thing with 
Joshua and Aaron

Ling Zhi Mushroom...

and yeah thats about it...
I do have some other pictures from some other more interesting places
but will not be sharing it out
as I'll have to ask for permission and stuff

Anyway, christmas is just around the corner 
Can't wait...
Take care all..
Love you !

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

It's been a pretty emotional evening..
I have deleted like few hundred blog post
589 to be exact..
all that is left is just a few miserable blog post
and I mistakenly deleted a couple of my favourite ones..
Guess life have to move on...
I thank you all who took the time off in reading my blog.
it may be very significant to some
while others might be just another insignificant  post
where is filled with all sorts of rantings
I shall not elaborate much on the reason what makes me decide
to delete all the precious post away.
I have my own reason.
Everyone have been raving about
BB Cream
I finally got around to getting one tube of my own.
of which i was pretty reluctant but wanted to try it badly and so yeah
Skin food.
of which I don't really like how products were presented.
the sales assistant who was assisting me handed me an near empty tube of BB cream sample
I looked at her and opened the tube
with whatever strength that is left in me i tried to squeeze out the product but failed
I wasn't really pleased and handed it back to her asking for a new tube or she will have to extract out the product for me to try on. or else it'll be goodbye
and in the name of commission and sales She wrestled with the tube for a while and manage to squeeze out one miserable pea size liquid on the back of my hand
fine... I just make do with it.
not going to comment much.
but if you like it
go ahead using it still
as for me
I'd have to say the ´╗┐product did not suite me as well
they come in 2 shades
and the lady recommended me the one
in aloe Vera in shade no.2
which has a yellow undertone to it.
I'm pretty reluctant to accept her suggestions
as I am aware my skin ia neither fair nor dark
and using that i am like risking myself looking like some jointist patient walking in broad daylight
yes, it does have a scent to it.
many describe as fresh soap smell
to me it smelled like fabric detergent or fabric softener
clean smell more to it.
but it didn't really bother me much
anyway call me a sucker
I bought it still..
after using it
Id say i'm not a big fan of it
the colour just wont suite me well
even after it oxidised
my face and neck line looked ashy.
yes I have to add bronzer to my face to balance out the colour
have to say it gives me a very medium coverage
as the veins on my face is still very much visible
it felt a bit sticky but you can easily dust loose powder over it. but too much of that will make your face looked cakey hahaha
my subsequent attempt of using it looked slight better after I added with a bit of my liquid foundation
either way it wont suite me
definitely it wont suite my mom or sister for that matter
I'll see what I can do with it
else I think it's destined to sit there looking great...
there is this web site which helps you match which BB cream suite you most
all i can say it's trashed
it's either they are trash or my skin is being a pain.
I was walking and there is this guy who came and asked me to join their London new york thing
feeling self-conscious all of the sudden i looked at him and asked
his face changed instantly.
and quickly apologized and said he wanted to introduce their facial items to me.
tsk tsk tsk..
so that's my little update
have a pleasant evening
take care all.. Good Bye